Pagan Cluster Counter-Inaugural Actions

Pagan Cluster Counter-Inaugural Actions

by Yarrow / photos by Babka Stu & Yarrow

Here are a few words about the Pagan Cluster at the Counter-Inaugural Friday and the Women’s March Saturday.

For Friday, read Jes’s admirable piece at Gods and Radicals (it’s the first of seven reports from different people and different cities). We began at Union Station singing “We are the new world we bring to birth/ A river rising to reclaim the earth!”, sang “We are the knife that cuts the spell / By sacred flame and holy well” as we marched, and ended at McPherson Square with “Let it begin.”

Saturday about a dozen of us also sang “Let it begin” as part of a spiral dance that drew in three to four times our number from the crowd. It’s hard to describe being part of the march of half a million people, so here are some pictures.

First, our sigil, inscribed on a home-made from one of SpiralHeart’s beloved dead:


This was our banner as we navigated the crowds.

Up the Metro escalators:


And in the crowd:


Finally, a shot of the many signs left on the wall around the White House:


Contact Yarrow and the pagan cluster at:


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