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Reclaiming Quarterly Highlights

Reclaiming Quarterly Highlights

Welcome to RQ’s recent-posts blog. We’ll keep you updated on what’s going on around the Reclaiming network, recent posts on our website, and whatever else seems to fit.

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Campfire Chants: Reclaiming’s new album

Campfire Chants: Reclaiming’s new album

Visit our Campfire Chants site!

Campfire Chants features Reclaiming’s best-loved witchcamp chants from the 2000s, performed by a mixed chorus accompanied by conga, guitar, bass, flute, clarinet, fiddles – and even a ukelele!

Reclaiming’s newest chants album features five songs written by Starhawk, plus songs from Suzanne Sterling, T. Thorn Coyle, and more.

Some of these chants were written for witchcamps – others for direct action gatherings – and still others to honor nature and her cycles.

This is a soundtrack to change your life – and to change the world.

CDs available via – downloads and streaming at all outlets.

Listen to Campfire Chants on Spotify while you read the booklet – free signin

Our Campfire Chants site features a 50-page booklet of Lyrics and Lore – complete lyrics and guitar/uke chords for every song on Campfire Chants, plus interviews with the authors,  stories about the chants, and more.

Join us around the campfire for a magical musical journey!

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Reclaiming Witchcamps!

Reclaiming Witchcamps!

Dates for next year’s witchcamps are posted at

Magical intensives around the world

Reclaiming Witchcamps are retreats for the study of magic, ritual, and Earth awareness skills usually held in a campground setting.

Share in Reclaiming-style spiritual culture. Study magic and ritual in a multi-day intensive that includes practices such as trancework, healing, drumming, dancing, chanting, storytelling, guided visualization and energy work.

Participate in rituals that take us into the heart of ancient tales, creating a powerful, transformative energy that builds throughout the course of witchcamp and beyond.

All Levels of Experience Welcome

Newcomers can learn the basic skills of magic and ritual, working with the elements, movement, sound and the mythological and historical framework of the Goddess Tradition.

Advanced paths offer the chance to apply the tools of ritual to personal healing and empowerment, and might focus on taking the craft out into the world, creating public ritual, building ongoing groups, and healing issues surrounding leadership and power.

Some camps are for adults 18-up. Many camps are family- and youth-friendly, offering paths specifically for children and teenagers. Camps are organized in different ways, according to local needs.

As a tradition Reclaiming values diversity, and each WitchCamp has its own policies, structures and culture. Transparency is also encouraged and valued, as is a questioning attitude.

Feel free to ask questions of the varied and diverse camps to find the WitchCamp community that suits you best.

For dates and contact information, visit:

Photo by Dawnstar / courtesy of Reclaiming Quarterly archives.

* * *

WitchCamp Council & Contacts

Reclaiming Witchcamps coordinate their work through the WitchCamp Council. Reclaiming-tradition camps are located in North America, Europe, and Australia. – dates and contacts for all Reclaiming camps, and for the WitchCamp Council

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March for Real Climate Leadership – Oakland CA

March for Real Climate Leadership – Oakland CA

Thousands of people joined in a festive march through Oakland, demanding environmental justice and opposing oil-fracking and other abuses

Several thousand people joined in a colorful and vibrant march through downtown Oakland on February 7. The occasion was a local visit by California Governor Jerry Brown, who has vacillated around issues such as oil-fracking.

The event, called March for Real Climate Leadership, brought together a wide range of environmental and progressive activists, highlighting issues such as fracking, nuclear power, and the social impacts of environmental devastation.

Many Reclaiming and kindred folks were involved in various contingents of the march, making this the second large pagan cluster gathering in the Bay Area in recent months. Maybe we need our own banner?

Reclaiming folks were also part of civil disobedience protests around Jerry Brown’s visit and policies last week.

A good source of independent reporting is

For Reclaiming and pagan cluster organizing, join our yahoogroups – contact for more info.

Photo by Luke Hauser/RQ

Oakland Honors Martin Luther King Jr

Oakland Honors Martin Luther King Jr

Diverse rally for justice, equality – and Black Lives Matter

A diverse crowd gathered in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood to honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr with calls for justice, equality – and a strong message of support for Black Lives Matter and campaigns to end police and state violence.

Many Reclaiming and kindred folks were involved in the march, continuing a burst of activism going back to the Occupy movement in 2011.

In particular, Solar Cross organized a “pagan corner” – see photo below.

A good source of independent reporting on local events is

For Reclaiming and pagan cluster organizing, join our yahoogroups – contact for more info.

Photos by Luke Hauser/RQ



Teens in the Trees – Teen Earth Magic

Teens in the Trees – Teen Earth Magic

Climbing-skills activism workshop at Teen Earth Magic

Photos by Luke Hauser

Earth First! activist Fly presented a climbing skills workshop at Teen Earth Magic 2014. Teens spent one session learning basic safety and knot-tying skills. On the second day, they climbed thirty feet to a hanging platform.

The teens’ climbing gear was backed up by a safety line anchored by Fly, who climbed free-style sixty feet up the tree to anchor the ropes. One teacher commented that they felt more nervous driving people to camp than watching them 30 feet off the ground.

As Fly explained, climbing skills can be used in a variety of activism, including tree-sits and forest defense, protests at oil-rigs, banner-hanging actions, and billboard alterations.

The workshop continued a TEM tradition of activist training that has included a direct action workshop with Bay Area veteran preppers Dress and Starhawk as well as skills-trainings at Teen Earth Magic.

Visit Teen Earth Magic – or send us an email at