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Teens in the Trees – Teen Earth Magic

Teens in the Trees – Teen Earth Magic

Climbing-skills activism workshop at Teen Earth Magic

Photos by Luke Hauser

Earth First! activist Fly presented a climbing skills workshop at Teen Earth Magic 2014. Teens spent one session learning basic safety and knot-tying skills. On the second day, they climbed thirty feet to a hanging platform.

The teens’ climbing gear was backed up by a safety line anchored by Fly, who climbed free-style sixty feet up the tree to anchor the ropes. One teacher commented that they felt more nervous driving people to camp than watching them 30 feet off the ground.

As Fly explained, climbing skills can be used in a variety of activism, including tree-sits and forest defense, protests at oil-rigs, banner-hanging actions, and billboard alterations.

The workshop continued a TEM tradition of activist training that has included a direct action workshop with Bay Area veteran preppers Dress and Starhawk as well as skills-trainings at Teen Earth Magic.

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Solstice In the Streets

Taking the magic of Solstice to the streets of downtown San Francisco!

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